On June 18, 2011, our school celebrated its 38th Anniversary at Linden Place in Flushing, New York. Our team composed a whole evening of thrilling performances and entertaining programs to make this a memorable mark in our history. We like to thank all of our family, friends, sponsors and friends of the martial arts society for attending our banquet and showing their support for our school.

A Very Special Thanks To Our Friends Of The Martial Arts Society:

Chiu Chi Ling International Hung Gar Association

Grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling

Leungs White Crane Dragon and Lion Dance Association

Sifu Michael Yee

Sifu Gary Low

Sifu Jimmy Leung

Sifu Daniel Leung

Sifu Benson Louie

Luk Chee Fu Martial Arts Federation

Sifu Joseph Luk

Norman Chins Southern Praying Mantis

Sifu Norman Chin

Sifu Chin

New York Hung Sing Kwoon

Sifu Simon Li

Praying Mantis Martial Arts Institute

Sifu Tony Chuy

Tak Wah Kung Fu Club

Sifu Tak Wah Eng

Wai Hongs Fu Jow Pai Association

Sifu John Chang

White Crane International Kung Fu Association

Sifu Chan Ton Fai

Yees Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association

Grandmaster Frank Yee

Sifu Pedro Yee

Sifu Sharif Bey

Yips Dragon Style Kung Fu Association

Sifu Wing Hong Yip


Sponsors for the Event:
Pearl River Mart.
Oriental Trophy Inc.
Fulton Beverages Inc.
Grandyette Inc.
Linden Place Restaurant